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In 2021, most customers will find you from their phone! Therefore, we’ve gone “mobile first”

Don’t get the fanciest site…

Get the one that works!

Some design agencies like to make beautiful looking websites that are all fluff and no meat. We are all meat, which often means spending a lot of time on work that no one ever sees - like building backlinks and citations on local directories.

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Our Web Design Strategy

If the design is focus on your market goals, it will generate leads and sales.

We offer the tools necessary to launch a successful website for your business or organization.

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Building the Site

What makes one website design better than another? Hint: It’s not only about the visuals! The codebase matters a lot to how google will rank your site. At the end of the day, a good design is one that gets quality leads calling you for business.

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Launching the Site

After building it, we will launch it with a fast, reliable hosting with 99% uptime and 24hrs/7days monitoring.

Our web hosting server uses the most up-to-date technology, ensuring fast download speeds, compatibility across all browser types (including mobile) and have little downtime.

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Promoting the Site

Furthermore, building the website is only the first step. As your business grows, you will have images of more projects, more testimonials and perhaps will even need e-commerce integration. We will continue to work with you on your website after it is finished to ensure the website stays up to date with your busines.

Seeking a web designer in Aurora Co

Building the Site

When building your site, you want to consider the following points

  • Write Effective Web Copy

    We write all of our web copy in house to be concise, engaging and professional. The goal is to position you as an expert in your field and to convince site visitors to enquire about your service.

  • Make your Site Easy to Navigate

    We use simple, descriptive URLs that are both easy for a person to navigate and easy for Google’s web crawlers to index - making your site rank favorably.

  • Optimize your Photos

    We resize and compress image files for fast loading and also add proper filenames and meta tags that (again) make it easy for Google to index.

  • Use Accurate Website Title Tags

    Title tags are what you see on the search engine results pages. We write title tags and page descriptions that use as many keywords as possible for your targeted search terms.

  • E-Commerce

    We can help you with the implementation of an Internet merchant account, online credit card processing, online virtual store with shopping carts and/or product catalogs.

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Promoting the Site

Once the site is built, the real work of increasing your site’s organic traffic begins. These are the promotional activities we do for our websites:

  • Set Up Social Media Profiles

    We setup all of the most relevant social media profiles for your business and link them back to your website. This can help you to establish a social media presence and also provides additional backlinks to your site to increase your position.

  • Place your Website on Local Directories

    When other websites link back to your site, it increases your relevancy on google. We place your business on all of the relevant local directories to start producing backlinks to your site. Examples include Angie’s list, Houz, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Yelp, etc.

  • Setup Google My Business

    Imagine that you quickly need to replace a window. You pick up your phone, google local window repair companies and information about a few different companies on the screen. You are shown the company name, description, ratings, opening hours and a telephone number. Why did you see these companies and not others?

    Your geographical location largely determines the search results. We make sure to provide accurate citation profiles about your business to google so that you appear in these local results.

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Our Latest Projects

Here are samples of some of our previous projects

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- We offer the tools necessary to launch a successful website for your business or organization.