Google Search Rankings – Paid Traffic vs. Organic

How can your business get on the first pages of Google’s search results?

If you are not on the first pages of Google’s search results, chances are potential clients will not find you. Companies that are easier to find will get more sales calls and ultimately more business.

Of course, larger companies with money to spend on Google Ads will simply pay for the privilege of appearing ahead of competitors. However, what about a company that needs to be wise about how it spends its marketing dollars?

Google Ads can become quite expensive and the cost per click can change seemingly on a whim. Perhaps more importantly, people often skip the ads to see the organic search results, believing them to be more trustworthy. This is because websites that appear first on the search results rank highly on attributes such as: content relevance, user interactivity, loading speed, mobile performance, site layout (how easy the site is to navigate) and others.

Are you getting enough leads from your site?

Above are the google ranking results for one of our clients.

Our client's website ranking is 97/100, which means that their website delivers what google search customers are expecting – things such as fast loading times, relevant and interactive content, good website layout and relevant links.

Based on our knowledge of how Google ranks websites, we have developed a website building and redesign service that allows your site to achieve a higher organic ranking. We can also dial down on your target market by region, city or state to supply you with more quality sales inquiries.

Why pay a third party for referrals or clicks when you can generate your own leads organically through a website totally controlled by you?

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We will help you improve your local visibility by fusing your social media and neighborhood directories with your site. We will provide Google ranking reports but most importantly, you will get calls!

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