About the Artist

I come from an all-around artistic background with 3D art being my main job function, but I also paint, sculpt and draw. I find a lot of these skills come in handy during my knife making process. After watching a ton of videos and reading thousands of forums and being mentored by one of the most acclaimed knife makers from Houston, I decided to take the plunge. For the most part I am entirely self-taught but I’m always open for advices and new ideas. I find a lot of my inspiration from literature, history, movies and of course video games.

My earliest recollection of wanting to make knives is when I was 10 and decided I would make some throwing knives out of my mom’s butter knives. I made my first full knife at 15 using some questionable steel, some nuts, bolts and some wood from a two by four, put together along with a questionable heat treat. It was ugly but I loved the process. After many years of doing the adult career thing I decided I wanted to do what I always dreamed of doing.

Eric King

I mainly do the stock removal process as I find this more artistic when creating these blades. Stock removal is the process of removing material from an otherwise already flat piece of steel. It’s kind of akin to sculpting the steel with machines. I do plan to eventually start smithing some blades. I focus mainly on hunting, camping, EDC and some tactical type blades, but I do try to challenge myself with new projects from time to time.

"All in all I just want to keep creating as that is when I am most content. I hope to make something that someone would find useful, or something they would pass down in the family"